LED Outdoor Lighting – Illuminate Those Gloomy Winter Nights

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We’ve turned back the clocks and now it’s dark by the time we pull into the driveway in the early evening.  Your home is your sanctuary, your safe haven, the place that should welcome you after a long hard day at work.

But when you pull up, instead of that feeling of warmth, you’re facing a pitch-black walkway, a dim façade, gloomy trees, and shrubs. It’s an eerie feeling and it doesn’t bring you the peace, joy, and thoughts of home and hearth it should.

Why? Because you haven’t considered the beauty, safety, and cost-effectiveness of LED landscape lighting.

Why is LED Landscape Lighting a great way to light your home and property?

LED lighting incorporates the newest technology. It can be integrated with your smart home technology and it’s cost-effective and energy-efficient too which means no giant electricity bills. Most importantly, it offers safety, and security as well as elegance and beauty for your property.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting is proud to utilize Kichler-manufactured outdoor lights in our landscape lighting installations. These fixtures come with a 12-year warranty on all our commercial grade fixtures and a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects on all transformers.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting is a proud recipient of the Kichler Contractor of the Year Award and is a member of the Kichler LightPro Presidents Club. We stand by our products and the quality of our work.

How Does Landscape Lighting Design Work?

At Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting, we pride ourselves in creating the best, most effective, and beautiful custom landscape lighting design for each and every property we are called upon to light. We take the time to consider every tree, shrub, and element of your landscaping. We know how many lamps are needed to make your walkways, decks, and steps safe for you, your family, and your visitors. The architecture of your home’s facades should tell a story when lit properly making your home shine like a diamond each and every night.

We have over 25 years working in the landscape lighting industry. It’s important to think of more than beauty. Your outdoor spaces need to serve your needs as a homeowner. To that end, we get to know you, your family, and your needs and wants. We consider the beauty of your landscaping and strive to light it to not only look beautiful but to eliminate shadows and dark places and make all the pathways well-lit so that your family feels safe when approaching the house after dark.

The first step is to discuss what you deem the best uses of your outdoor areas.
Some questions we ask are:

  • Do you use patio areas for outdoor dining or social gatherings?
  • Do the kids play in the yard in the evening?
  • Do you have pets that you let out after dark?
  • Do you have a pool or water treatments that need to be lit in a particular way?
  • What areas need to be especially well lit for the safety and security of your family, particularly any of the senior members of the household?
  • What concerns do you have about your grass, trees, and grounds when we have to install wiring?

Is color a factor? How will you choose colors for my home?

We consider colors that will complement the architecture of your home and grounds and suit your tastes. Choosing the right colors is more than just considering pretty hues. Color affects the lives of the people who spend time in the environment being lit. It changes how we feel.

Most humans are deeply affected by color as it appeals greatly to our visual senses. Certain colors can stimulate areas of the brain in ways that will promote either excitement or tranquility. This is why we consider colors very carefully when lighting your home. The colors have to reflect the way you want your home to be seen and what will make you feel happy and safe.

Every light will look different on different surfaces. All homes are not the same. Brick, stucco, wood, siding; all these surfaces have to be lit differently. When we create a lighting design, we seek to balance the colors so there is harmony. Too many colors, especially ones that don’t work well together, can create a visual experience that’s overwhelming and unpleasant. Color harmony delivers visual interest and a sense of order.

So, now that winter is upon us, what are you waiting for? Let us do a lighting demo for you and show you the incredible difference LED landscape lighting can make. Don’t come home to a dark and gloomy house. Come home to a brightly lit, cheerful abode.

It’s your castle. Don’t leave it in the dark.

Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting will set up a time for a designer to meet you at your home at your convenience to discuss the possibilities and set a time for your demo so you can experience the difference. Contact us today.