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Most people are literally kept in the dark about lighting design. Lighting design is mysterious and requires the right talent and the right amount of time for installing, testing, and fine-tuning each and every light. Light not only affects what we see, but it affects how we see it.
Water features are very impressive landscape enhancements and are often considered the crown jewel of landscape designs. When lighting is used to enhance evening views of this stunning feature, you will find that your fountain takes on a magical dimension. Lighting is magical-- it can change moods and can change ordinary spaces into magical places.

Lightscapes have owned the night for 25 years creating magnificent lighting effects for fountains and ponds. Just like a painter who knows just what brush to use, our designer/owner, Stephen Piermont, is a master at balancing a mix of creativity, sensibility and technical knowledge by using unique lighting techniques and selecting the right fixtures to light up water features for even the most complex applications.

Our designer researches and thoughtfully plans each unique installation to create a magnificent lighting effect that works harmoniously with your landscape design creating a lighting work of art. Why not create an enjoyable breathtaking outdoor living experience so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of your water feature. Call Paola today to schedule a complimentary consultation, and watch the magic of light turn your fountain into something extraordinary.