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When Darkness Falls the Night Begins

Most of us don’t think about it during the day, but light is the most important investment that you can make that enhances curb appeal and the way your community looks at night.  Often HOA common areas are left in the dark.  How can your community benefit from landscape lighting?

First Impressions

The front entrance needs to be welcoming and your signage needs to be well lit as it makes the first impression to your guests and visitors before they reach your home or clubhouse.  Often HOA entrances feature outdated lighting--entrances should look as beautiful in the evening as they do during the day.  Entrances should be attractively lit to welcome your residents and guests.  Excessive brightness and glare cause visual discomfort because it decreases vision.  This limits residents' and guest’s ability to see potential dangers at night—especially for older residents.

Safety and Security 

How you feel in your home, neighborhood, or community can influence social habits and comfort levels.  Studies have suggested that well-lit properties are the most effective deterrent against unwanted visitors.  Since the home is where we spend the greatest amount of time, it is important to feel safe and secure there. Landscape lighting also increases safety by eliminating hazards caused by poor lighting preventing residents and guests from tripping and falling in the dark.  It is also important to encourage residents to keep their homes well lit as dark homes become a target in an otherwise well-lit community,

Property Ambiance

Dark and unlit common areas are not only dangerous but they are very unwelcoming.  Why not take the time to walk your common areas in the evening to determine where more light is needed.  Outdoor lighting can visually enhance your residents' and guests' experience by making them feel as comfortable outdoors and they do indoors which will maximize the value of your community.

Light Trespassing

Light trespassing occurs when outdoor lighting illuminates much more than just was intended to be lit.  Our designer researches and thoughtfully plans each installation to create a lighting effect that works with your visual objectives and landscape design harmoniously.

Light is a part of everyday life, without light there is no space and every landscape design will react differently to light.  Let us help you create the perfect lighting portrait for your community. Call Paola with Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting at 407-895-9000 and schedule a complimentary consultation with our lighting designer.