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Residential Service


Whether you’re walking the dog or simply walking in after a late night, lights can help ensure a safe, smooth experience! Steps or changes in elevation are no match for the bright glow of your lightscape.


Security systems are always helpful, but did you know that plenty of light is actually the first (and more effective) deterrent against unwanted visitors? By surrounding your space with light (including motion-detecting options, which are extra helpful), you can enjoy peace of mind when you’re home or away. At the same time, we know that you want to preserve the style of your landscape. We will design your lightscape so that the glow feels natural, complementing the existing space instead of shining harshly against it.

Comfort and Relaxation

The right lighting is essential to outdoor entertaining – especially here in Florida, where gathering outside is a year-round activity! Help your space feel warm, cozy and welcoming to family and friends by designing a beautiful lightscape for your porch, patio or backyard.


A well-lit home looks better for buyers, as it paints an image of comfort and security, setting your home apart from your neighbors’. The result is often an improved home value!

Commercial Service

Many business operate long after the sun has gone down, such as hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues – and a sophisticated lightscape can help these places provide a comfortable, welcoming guest experience! Even traditional office spaces can benefit from a well-designed lightscape, which will help to keep their business safe and secure during off-hours.

Whatever your commercial needs may be, get to know the benefits of a high-quality lightscape! They include:

  • Safety and security: If you run a hospitality business, your guests’ comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Not only will they be more likely to choose a hotel, restaurant or other venue that is well-lit and welcoming – but proper lighting can also help them feel safer as they walk around your property. Security-wise, light serves as a major deterrent for would-be break-ins as well.
  • Major savings: Business owners never forget about the bottom line, and are often looking for ways to be more sustainable. Did you know that highly efficient LED lighting can reduce your energy consumption by up to 75 percent?
  • Recognition: Are potential customers missing your business because your sign or property is obscured in the dark? A new lightscape can help!


Homeowners associations, or HOAs, can benefit from new lightscapes in a big way. Because this unique type of organization is all about maintaining a safe, beautiful place to live – and attracting new people to call it “home” – the right lighting can be instrumental to your efforts. HOAs with new and improved lightscapes can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Safety and security: Just like lighting safeguards homes on an individual scale, so too does it create a safer environment throughout the community. This will be appreciated by current homeowners, while serving as a unique selling point for future one! (Plus today, savvy home buyers are often advised to visit a neighborhood during daytime and nighttime hours, so that they can get an accurate sense of the area. Ensure that they are welcomed when they visit with beautiful, glowing lights.)
  • Easy entrance: By lighting the signage at your community’s entry, you will be able to enjoy greater name recognition while also making your community easier to spot for residents and visitors alike.
  • Well-lit amenities: Florida communities are often known for their wealth of amenities, from pools to tennis courts to beautiful fountains, playground, clubhouses, walking paths, docks and more. Whatever the unique features may be in your community, surrounding them with light can help keep your community spaces safe, functional and beautiful.

Questions for Your Lighting Professional

As we embark upon the light design process, here are a few simple questions you may want to ask your lighting professional along the way:


  • How can I emphasize the features I love about my landscape? By asking this question, you will be able to fill your contractor in about areas you may want to highlight (such as beautiful trees or striking architectural elements), as well as those you want to de-emphasize.
  • What can I expect, financially, from my lights long-term? Your lighting professional will be glad to let you know about potential savings that come from highly efficient lights, and switching from a high-voltage to a low-voltage system!
  • How can I make my space even safer and more secure? Your contractor may be more in-tune with potential problem areas – this is what they do, after all, so they can easily point you toward issues like uneven slopes, easy-to-miss steps, and other questions that can be solved with the right lighting.