Energy-Efficient Landscape Lighting for Your Home


What to know before you decide to enter into a outdoor lighting contract:

Lighting has become a passion for millions of homeowners. Unfortunately, the landscape industry as hurt the lighting industry. They are misleading the homeowner into believing they can do lighting because they went to a 4-hour seminar but on by a lighting manufacturer that has never installed a lighting job.

Would you hire a roofer to paint your home? How about a plumber to do your electrical or a landscaper to do electrical which is exactly what low voltage landscape lighting is—and these electrical connections are in a open Windermere environment. Winter Park Orlando outdoor led lighting

Homeowners are not realizing that they need to hire a true lighting professional that can help them decide what levels of light would be required to develop their overall vision for their property. The distinction between the landscaper and the lighting professional will become evident when the lights come on. The lighting professional creates a cohesive outdoor living space and visually connects the inside to the outside space. Most installers focus on the lighting fixture rather than the effect from the lighting.

It is really impossible not to make a decision based upon a proposal with a quantity of dots or symbols that represent fixtures. In order for you to know what they are buying they should request a lighting demo to really know what they are buying. It should be the designer’s job to make the homeowner a lighting critic. Just like test driving a car—this is the time to overcome objections.

Fountain Backyard Lighting

Questions to ask your contractor:

How long have you been installing lighting?

What lighting qualifications do you have?

What is the difference between a landscaper and a professional lighting company?

What happens if any of the system fails?

How do you determine where the lights go?

Do you come by for a nighttime adjustment?

Do you offer a warranty?

What kind of certification do you have?

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How long has Lightscapes been in business?

Lightscapes will celebrate 25 years of serving Central Florida in 2019. During that time, we have installed thousands of projects, our customer experience ratings remain outstanding, and many clients refer family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

How long will it take to install the system?
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, your project will be scheduled within two- three weeks. Once we start your project, we will be on site until completion. Typically smaller jobs take 1-2 days where larger projects may take a week or more.
Will the installation cause damage to our lawn?
  • No. Unlike high-voltage systems, it is not required to bury the wire more than six inches. And we will return the property to its original condition before installation.
Will this increase my utility bill?
  • A low voltage outdoor lighting system will minimally increase your utility bill.
How do your fixtures stand up to the Florida environment?
  • We install nationally recognized high quality commercial LED Kichler lighting fixtures in all of our landscape lighting installations. Our fixtures stand up well in Florida heat and humidity.
Is your landscape lighting system high or low maintenance?
  • Our LED landscape lighting system is low maintenance compared to other lighting options. Our professionally certified employees perform any maintenance needed on your outdoor lighting system


You owe it to yourself to do a little homework before making an investment in your home and potentially hiring the wrong contractor to execute your vision.

Should I consider using my landscaper to install my lighting?
  • Lightscapes has specialized in landscape lighting and nothing else since 2008. Landscapers, irrigation, electricians, handymen and the neighbor down the street have no knowledge or experience in voltage drop, proper placement and use of the proper fixture to do the job, wattage or beam spread—not to mention award winning artistic design! Lightscapes employees are trained in the latest methods of installation and are supervised by our lighting designer..each project becomes of portrait of light.
Consider the quality of the fixtures and products that are used.
  • The products need to be made for the harsh environments for which they are going to be used.

In Florida, the products used for landscape lighting need to be made of brass or copper—the two best materials to use in the landscape environment. They will last forever.

Landscape lighting needs to to move
  • Landscapes continue to grow and change and having the ability to move and adapt your lighting in concert with the landscape is most often overlooked by inexperienced contractors.
  • If you should decide to move, your Lightscape lights can be taken with you to your next property.
Will your contractor do a lighting demo?
  • It is sometimes difficult for the homeowner to visualize and comprehend the overall concept of an outdoor lighting scheme. Sometimes it is impossible for anyone to put dots on a plan, show the plan to the homeowner and have the homeowner say—“yes, I want that”. If you have difficulty visualizing the plan, we will schedule a lighting demo for you to bring your vision to life.