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Superior Outdoor Lighting Installation in Tavares

When you drive through a neighborhood unfamiliar to you, there are undoubtedly some properties you remember more than others. They seem to have that something extra that grabs your attention. If it’s like most residential neighborhoods, the houses are generally the same models with few differences. So why do these homes delight more than others?

We know what the difference is. Professional landscape lighting elevates the beauty of your home like nothing else can. The wonderful architectural features of these homes have been singled out and highlighted by expert landscape lighting installations. If you’ve invested in residential or commercial property and want it to look its absolute best, there’s only one company you need to call. We’re Lightscapes Lighting.

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We’ve been helping property owners improve the beauty of their investments for over 25 years, and have hundreds of thrilled clients on our roster. Our stellar online reviews speak for themselves. We’re the best because we’ve developed the design expertise and work ethic necessary to be the best. We’ve created beautiful installations all over the sunshine state. We can create yours too!

Our design team meets with you to discuss options to improve the beauty, security, safety, and value of your property. Then we present design options to fit any budget you have in mind.

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