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Professional Holiday Lighting Installation In Orlando

Driving through festive neighborhoods during the holidays can be a real treat. Imaginative and beautiful lighting displays fill us with wonder and joy. Many of us wish we could create such displays on our homes as well to lift not only our spirits but the community’s as well.

The practical application of this thought requires a lot of time and energy that few of us have during the hectic holiday season. But that’s no reason to give up on it. In fact, a professional holiday and Christmas lighting installation is the easiest, most sensible option.

10 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Installer


  1. Time - Climbing up and down ladders safely takes a lot of time. A lighting company and their team of professional Christmas light installers will have the job done quickly so you can enjoy it longer.
  2. Design - Holiday decorators invent beautiful scenes with light and a company offering lighting services can replicate just about any holiday mood you want to portray whether it’s an old fashioned country theme or an ultra-modern look.
  3. LED - LED lighting is the most economical and burns reliably and brightly all season long. A professional lighting installation company will use only LED Christmas lights to ensure your display is beautiful without busting your budget.
  4. Hanging the Lights - Professional holiday and Christmas lighting installation is easy when you can sit back and watch the pros create your lighting vision. The work crew arrives to assess the property and plan out a step-by-step plan to make it happen without you lifting a finger.
  5. Extreme Weather - You might think it’s too cold to get your lights up but a lighting company crew won’t care. Like the professionals they are, they will complete the project no matter what the weather is doing.
  6. Accessories - Pre-lit outdoor trees and wreaths are back in vogue. Your lighting installers will set these up as well, even if you want a whole tree farm in your front yard.
  7. Adjustment - The team will then check and recheck all clips, fasteners, and cords to make sure the display is safe and working properly. You won’t need to correct their work to make sure it’s perfect. They will.
  8. Removal - Come January, you won’t have to climb any ladders yourself to take everything down. The professional lighting installation team will return to carefully remove lights, fasteners, and clips, leaving your home ready for the new year.
  9. Storage - your professional lighting installer can not only remove all your Christmas decorations, but they can also check that everything is working properly before packing it away and storing it in a temperature-controlled environment, ready for next year.
  10. The Best Neighborhood Lights - a professional company can make your home the brightest holiday star on the block!


How to Find the Right Lighting Installation Company for Your Home

Now that you know the benefits of having a professional lighting installer create your holiday lights, here are some tips for making sure you hire the best lighting company for the job:


  • Avoid low-ball bids. This can cause issues for many reasons. Firstly, their installers might be seasonal hires who don’t have the experience needed for properly installing fasteners, climbing ladders, or other general safety practices. Their lights might also not be up to the bar when it comes to proper wiring, etc.
  • Are they insured? The right commercial Christmas light installation company will always be insured along with their team and the work they do. Ask to see their client references if not clearly displayed on their website.
  • Lighting products - be sure to request information about where their lighting products are made and where they come from. Some international manufacturers are not required to make light strings and light fixtures with the same safety standards as the United States. Ask which type of lights they use.
  • Size of deposit - if you are hiring a company you’ve never worked with before, make sure they don’t request the entire job cost in advance. A deposit is standard but not over 50%.
  • Ask the “what if” questions - Find out what that company’s problem resolution policy is and ask hypothetical questions about what they would do if your home is damaged, for example. Nothing will ruin your great holiday mood faster than a dispute.
  • Avoid seasonal companies - Often times during the holiday season freelancers will try to make extra money doing odd jobs. No one can blame a person for wanting extra cash during the Christmas season. It’s expensive for everyone! But never hire “some guy” who shows up in your driveway offering to do your lights for a very low fee. Holiday and Christmas lighting installation should only be done by licensed professionals.


No matter who you hire to design and execute your holiday lighting installation, you’ll need to plan it out with your chosen vendor carefully. You should book the company weeks in advance to make sure you get on their roster. It will fill up quickly!

Make a budget and ask them to work within it. There are so many new and exciting lighting effects available now and it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew. Your professional lighting installation company can guide you through the costs of varying options and let you decide which one is the right one for your property.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a professional Christmas lighting company and what to look for in that company, let’s move on to the fun part: the design.


Holiday Lighting Trends for 2020

2020 Holiday lighting trends are exciting, offering a virtual cornucopia of options for illuminating every part of your home and yard.

Seasonal flair is available for every style of home and every mood. This year is no different and you’ll also notice one nostalgic trend has returned from your childhood.

Trend #1 - Elegance

Natural elements are intertwined with delicate fairy lights in the brightest white for a clean, polished look. Generous use of pine cones and evergreen boughs are balanced with urns full of branches and fairy lights.

Trend #2 - Vintage Lanterns 

Flea market finds or modern takes on this coastal classic are all acceptable and look even better when mixed. Lighting and greenery are added to bring the whole look together. This is the perfect style for a front porch or deck.

Trend #3 - Vintage Christmas

This trend can be done with poignant nostalgia or cheeky humor. Vintage toys, outdoor Santa Claus sleighs, and even giant plastic ornaments are placed around the yard. Lights are professionally installed inside them to highlight them during December nights.

Trend #4 - Country Charm

Front yard trees are dripping with icicle lights while porch railings are adorned with oversized red ribbon entwined with hundreds of twinkle lights. Strings of mason jar lights are placed on tables by the front door.

Trend #5 - Light Spheres and Twinkle Balls

Gigantic LED balls, glowing with light come in many sizes and are remotely controlled to change colors continually or on your whim. Another option is wire balls in many sizes grouped on your lawn and covered in blankets of lights.

Trend #6 - Lawn Marquee Signs

Custom-made with your family name or your holiday message, these oversized signs or grouped letter sizes are fixed with twinkle lights by a professional lighting company. They look fantastic on your front lawn and bring cheer to everyone who drives by.

Trend #7 - Everything Glows

Imagine every tree, bush, and fence around your yard covered in blankets of glowing lights from the bottom all the way to the top of the trees. This is a dramatic and wondrous display for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. LED lights have made this option more affordable for everyone, as their energy use is significantly lower than light strands used in the past.

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Start dreaming today! With proactive research, budgeting, and planning, you can have the lightscape of your holiday dreams and your local professional holiday lighting company is there to make it happen. Call around for free estimates to ensure your place during the busy holiday season. And one last thing: Happy, happy holidays to everyone!