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From the start, homeowners make a huge investment when they purchase a new home. When you decide to enhance your home you are making a decision to continue to invest in a property you are happy to own. Landscape lighting greatly augments the features and beauty of your property. You can use both low-voltage and LED lighting to highlight your home's stunning gardens, trees & shrubs, architectural elements, and water features. The reason behind this is that light scaping enhances the depth of view of the property and can visually illuminate these features around your home. If you think about how lighting is viewed from the inside and outside of your home you can develop an excellent lighting plan that adds warmth and comfort to your outdoor living spaces. 

When you do landscape lighting you are extending your visual footprint What this means is that you are increasing the lines of site to property perimeters, waterfronts, walkways, etc. Adding pathways and driveway lighting will greatly increase the security and safety of people walking along the property. On top of helping with security, it also gives your guests a path to follow to come to your home. For example, your friends and family might not see that stone in front of them without their path being lit and trip and fall. When you add landscape lighting you will have that peace of mind when you are having people over at your home. On the flip side, having strategically placed lighting can keep unwelcome guests away as well.

Finally, landscape lighting for everything you get is a non-invasive, low maintenance project. The wire installation is not very deep into the ground so installation is simple. Additionally, with all the new technology out there, fixtures can stay alive for a lot longer and have better quality light thanks to the LED bulbs. These bulbs also have less technical restraints so that you have flexibility in what you choose. You want to try and avoid big box stores when it comes to landscape lighting because you will end up with low-quality materials which will then need replacement often. Also, be sure to know that LED bulbs come in many different grades as well and can vary in cost. Here at Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting, we use the best quality materials to have the best quality products for your home in the Dr. Phillips area. It is critical to create a lighting plan and hire the proper contractor that understands the entire scope of your project. Using a professional company specializing in outdoor lighting will not only add value to your home but you will also get the expert knowledge of the outdoor lighting company. They will know which styles and fixtures work best for your property. If outdoor lighting is something you are ready to take the next step with then give Lightscape Outdoor Lighting a call; we have over 25 years of experience helping homeowners illuminate their property in the Dr. Phillips area.