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  • Types of Landscape Lighting and How We Use Them: Welcome to Lightscapes Landscape Lighting 101. So let's walk through the how's of Landscape Lighting and the Lighting tools we use to Design your Custom Lightscapes Landscapes Lighting Project. Landscape lighting is the opening up of a whole new world of Life after Dark, taking your backyard from basic black wall as the sun sets, to a wonderful open relaxing view evening experience. So let's walk through some of the basic methods and various types of lighting landscape and exactly what each of them can be used to do. Let's look at: What You would like to light in your yard Various Types of landscape lighting fixtures and technics How We use landscape lighting To "Light Up the Night!" The Award Winning Lightscapes minimalist Designs eliminates overflowing on your neighbors, Light Pollution, and Accents the Beauty of Your Home and Property As with many things in life, less is more and Landscape Lighting Placement and positioning and products are everything. Here are just a few Options .. Let Us Know what you are interested in ..or just chose Whole Yard and Home .. contact us and we will be right out with Our Free Onsite DEMO and ESTIMATE CALL TODAY 407-895-9000 Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting "For Those Who Want t he Best!"

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