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How long has Lightscapes been in business?

Lightscapes will celebrate 25 years of serving Central Florida in 2019. During that time, we have installed thousands of projects, our customer experience ratings remain outstanding, and many clients refer family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

How long will it take to install the system?
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal, your project will be scheduled within two- three weeks. Once we start your project, we will be on site until completion. Typically smaller jobs take 1-2 days where larger projects may take a week or more.
Will the installation cause damage to our lawn?
  • No. We will safely install your landscaping lighting system and we will return the property to its original condition.
Will this increase my utility bill?
  • If you are using a high voltage system, a low voltage outdoor lighting system it will dramatically decrease your utility bill.
How do your fixtures stand up to the Florida environment?
  • We install nationally recognized high quality commercial LED Kichler lighting fixtures in all of our landscape lighting installations. Our fixtures stand up well in Florida heat and humidity.
Is your landscape lighting system high or low maintenance?
  • Our LED landscape lighting system is low maintenance. Our professionally certified technicians will perform any maintenance needed on your outdoor lighting system


You owe it to yourself to do a little homework before making an investment in your home and potentially hiring the wrong contractor to execute your vision.

Should I consider using my landscaper to install my lighting?
  • Lightscapes has specialized in landscape lighting and nothing else since 1996. Landscapers, irrigation, electricians, handymen and the neighbor down the street have no knowledge or experience in voltage drop, proper placement and use of the proper fixture to do the job, wattage or beam spread—not to mention award winning artistic design! Lightscapes employees are trained in the latest methods of installation and are supervised by our lighting designer..each project becomes of portrait of light.
Consider the quality of the fixtures and products that are used.
  • The products need to be made for the harsh environments for which they are going to be used.

In Florida, the products used for landscape lighting need to be made of brass or copper—the two best materials to use in the landscape environment. They will last forever.

Will your contractor do a lighting demo?
  • It is sometimes difficult for the homeowner to visualize and comprehend the overall concept of an outdoor lighting scheme. Sometimes it is impossible for anyone to put dots on a plan, show the plan to the homeowner and have the homeowner say—“yes, I want that”. If you have difficulty visualizing the plan, we will schedule a lighting demo for you to bring your vision to life.
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Landscape Lighting technology has experienced much growth since the 1960’s when LED lighting was introduced.

 The light bulbs we grew up have become a relics of the past.

Resistance to change is a natural reaction but LED Landscape Lighting is incredible and so much better.  Change is uncomfortable and requires new ways of thinking and doing. Most of us tend to cling to the known rather than embrace the unknown.

However, It did not take us long to realize that florescent light bulbs left much to be desired--they are slow to warm up, have mercury disposable issues, don’t last very long, and never left a positive lighting impression.

Early on, LED lights were perceived to have very bad color, produced low light levels and were very expensive. Today as lighting technology has evolved this is no longer the case.

Most common LED light bulbs last for at least 25,000 hours. Lightscapes exclusively uses Kichler LED landscape lights because of their outstanding performance. Kichler lights have a rating life of 40,000 hours—imagine these lights last 13 years when they light up the night for 8 hours.

As a nation we spend about one fifth of electric cost on lighting--$61 billion annually.


Lightscapes believes that spectacular outdoor landscape lighting is as important as plant life to your overall landscape design.

The color of light is an important part of the design process because it produces lighting drama that forms an alliance with your house. LED lighting will produce that dramatic result.

LED lighting

7 times more efficient that conventional incandescent bulbs

Cuts energy use by 80 percent

Offers precise beam control

We can run 5 times as many light fixtures on one transformer

Has a useful life of 25,000 hours or more

LED is still continuing to change. Just like computers and mobile phones, LED lights will not stop evolving. Lightscapes Outdoor Lighting will Make Sure You are Always Up to Date and On the Cutting Edge of the Best Developments in LED Landscape Lighting  



Strategically Placed Outdoor Lighting Offers A Range of Benefits
Take a neighborhood walk after dark. Unlit buildings appear forlorn at best, vulnerable or menacing at worst. By contrast,those lit to accentuate their strengths are more attractive, welcoming and safer. Interior designers know that how a space is lit can make all the difference in the lighting portrait. Outside spaces deserve no less. You need to not only enjoy the aesthetic look of the property, you also need to be able to move safely and securely through the space.

Landscape Lighting for the Homeowner
What is Professional Landscape Lighting? It is one of the most beneficial return on investments that you can have. It accomplishes this in five ways:

SAFE PASSAGE: by highlighting steps, walls and changes in a path's elevation or direction it allows individuals to safely navigate to their destination.

SECURITY: light has long been determined to be the number one deterrent of criminal activity. Landscape Lighting provides this security without the ugly "prison yard" effect that large spot lights produce.

COMFORT: lighting properly placed can naturally create a sense of relaxation. Returning home at night to a professionally designed lighting system allows you the opportunity to see a return on the investment during the evening hours as well as the daytime hours. Your outdoor area has now become an extension of the home.

VALUE: all of the above items do one important thing for you...INCREASE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE

Landscape Lighting White Houe

Lighscapes Outdoor Lighting is proud to offer its IllumiNIGHTing package. The package will take you from initial concept to final completion. With the ability to design a system to your particular needs or desires, we can provide a system to your particular needs or desires, we can provide an actual demonstration of what you would see as a final product. We will work side by side with you, your designer or your landscaper to provide you with the IllumiNIGHTed landscape you have always envisioned.

The equipment in landscape lighting is critical to its functionality. The products we use are not the kind you would find in your local home improvement warehouse. The products we use are well built with commercial grade quality. Designed to last, they are built using proper coatings, seals and solid materials.

Landscape Lighting design differs from interior lighting—the exterior is always changing. Lighting does not typically change unless your home is under renovation. This is not the case with landscape lighting. The gardens which are lit evolve all the time. This is due to not only acquiring new plants but also the fact that external forces can change your garden’s design. Specimen plants or trees can be compromised by disease, insects, tropical storms or even hurricanes. The flexibility of the landscape lighting design and the equipment is critical. Proper design combined with skilled installation allows you the ability to evolve your lighting as you landscaping evolves.

One thing that you can be certain of, every evening with bring darkness. IllumiNIGHTing allows you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your outdoors at night.

Stephen Piermont, owner of Lightscapes is available to do IllumiNIGHTing demonstrations to country clubs, HOA’s, garden clubs, homebuilders associations, and realtors and developers.